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Waiting for Peace Book CoverFollow combat medic Richard Berkey’s footsteps as his compelling true story leads you through the WWII battlefields of France and Germany. Hundreds of original sources, including his secret war journal and his letters to and from home, are woven together with letters from friends in the service and historical Army reports. Background and context are provided by extensive footnotes, maps and period photos.

Richard was a third year pre-med student at Indiana University when he was drafted. He withdrew from college in November 1942 and answered the Army’s call. Equipped with more courage and compassion than medical supplies, he treated casualties in the field, lost friends from his unit and hometown, was wounded in action and was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. His journals reveal a sober and reflective young man, while his letters home are filled with humor and tenderness. The voices of Richard’s family and friends intertwine with his own, framing a portrait of an American family during the defining event of the twentieth century.

Cover photo: Cpl. Richard Berkey standing in the front window of the Berghof. Berchtesgaden, Germany, May 19, 1945. Photo by Norman Eliasson.

394 pages – 71 black & white photos

 Luminare Press, LLC

Author Karen Berkey Huntsberger grew up with a father who never talked about the war. Seventeen years after her father passed away, his war journals and letters came to light. In 2009, Karen began the process of researching and compiling his journals and letters with historical Army reports, maps, family correspondence, and photographs. The resulting book provides a close-up view of the impact World War II had on one family that was, like so many others, Waiting for Peace.


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